Safe conduct of young people

"The supertask" of our prophylactic work among young people is creation every teenager and young man of own model of safe conduct, directed on lowering of risk of infection HIV, illnesses which are passed sexual a way, forming of the self-weighted attitude toward a problem AIDS.That to the trainers, touching this theme, it is necessary to come into a notice to it, to give convincing information about the degree of risk, to offer arguments in defence of safe conduct, to help to produce skills of such conduct, create the situation of psychological comfort and protected, form a tolerant address to the people which live from HIV/AIDS,to give sufficient information on prevention of undesirable pregnancy, negative consequences of smoking, use of alcohol, drugs and danger of infection HIV, IPPP.

To decide these tasks, the specialists of School of Equal Possibilities use such forms of prophylactic work, which would be adequate the necessities of modern youth, would induce it is intelligent to operate, would be instrumental in forming of the personal position in relation to a problem.

It direction constantly operating in a robot. By the most effective method it is certain by us a robot on principle "equal - to equal".