The first meeting of organizations-members of the Allukrainian network on a fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children was conducted in March, 2004. In April, 2005 a network was got by possibility to present Ukraine in the international arena and entered in the international group of ECPAT International. To date Network is united by more than 20 organizations (governmental, ungovernmental, private sector) and one private individual. Five organizations present separate youth groups also. In addition, in August, 2006 within the framework of the Allukrainian network on counteraction of KSED a youth representative office was organized.

Work engulfs the key areas of prevention, defence, rehabilitation and redintegration. The actions of Network include the leadthrough of trainings, seminars for experts on the problems of defence, rehabilitation and redintegration of victims of trading in children; providing of work of hot line, leadthrough of interactive campaigns and show of theatrical performances on a theme prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children; in addition, leadthrough of global researches on this issue in Ukraine.