HIV / AIDS prevention

We have the following experience in working on HIV / AIDS

Issues of HIV / AIDS have been studying by experts from the School of Equal Opportunities since 2000 and are part of the basic training course for volunteer trainers. In 2002, our young trainers were invited by the British Council as experts to develop promotional products within the information campaign "AIDS concerns everyone." The proposals of the children were accepted, their faces were accompanied by all advertising products.

Since 2002, "The Run for Life" has been opened annually by the Gender Interactive Theater. There are several performances in the repertoire of the theatre dealing with HIV / AIDS. Participants of the theatre were honored by the United Nations.

We have experience in conducting information campaigns on HIV / AIDS in the youth environment (for students, pupils, students of vocational schools, military, youth in prisons).

On December 1, in the framework of the campaign "16 Days Against Gender Violence", we annually open theatre events (both at the national and regional levels), more than a hundred performances were performed by the Gender Interactive Theater on HIV / AIDS

More than 30 active trainers are constantly working on this problem, conducting trainings and debates in general schools, boarding schools, shelters, vocational schools, universities, organizing thematic discos, exhibitions poster.

  • 2005   implementation of the project "Eradication of Worst Forms of Child Labor" (ILO). Emphasis was on prevention of STIs, HIV / AIDS. Work with children of risk groups using the "equal to equal" method.
  • 2004-2005 - implementation of the project "Promoting Safe Behavior among Youth" (PATH). 80 trainers were trained according to the "peer-to-peer" methodology, trainings, information campaigns, discotheques were held, the theater was created in vocational schools of Vinnytsia region.
  • Participation of the School's trainers in Leadership is a Key to Success (UNDP).
  • Participation of School Scholars in the study "Gender Aspects of HIV / AIDS".
  • 2006 - Participation in the project "Control over Tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS" (Representation in Ukraine "Peter B. Nekrsalmer, Incorporated).
  • 2006-2007 - implementation of the project "They live among us" in the regions of the Kiev region.
  • 2007 is the holding, with the support of the British Council, of information campaigns for young people in juvenile colonies.
  • 2008-2009 - Participation in the development of HIV / AIDS prevention programs for children and youth at risk