History of Theatre

In August 2002 the School of Equal Opportunities for guidance and assistance of specialists of Ukrainian Center "Volunteer" was created by gender interactive theater in order to better educate the youth on an innovative interactive methods.

Street theater action, which it essentially is - a combination of performing arts and social services. Visual presentation of information in a more vivid, understandable, and they induce to reflection, to action. Today the theater is the heart of the School of Equal Opportunities.

The main methodological approach of the School - equal - equal ", that is, a robot among peers - is embodied in the activities of interactive theater. Performances with the participation of adolescents and young adults are best treated exactly the youth audience.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, testifies: "Experience to prevent manifestations of the negative behavior of juveniles, the accumulated non-governmental organizations, shows that the most appropriate method of prevention is education among peers, in which young people acquire knowledge and gain social experience in communicating with their peers." It is this experience conveys School of Equal Opportunities is not only a training through constant work, but also through interactive theater.

August 19, 2002 on the waterfront Evpatoria the premiere of the first five performances. This date is considered the birthday of the Gender Interactive Theatre. Theatre performances dedicated to important social issues as the eradication of violence, prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism, AIDS, human trafficking. Today in the repertory dozens of ideas, involving hundreds of participants and participants. Most important among them:

  • musical extravaganza "poppy petals" (an allegorical story about the origin of drugs and the phenomenon of drug addiction);
  • Theatre plastics "Angels of Light and Darkness" (love and death, drug addiction and HIV / AIDS);
  • Dance Theatre "Woman" (a humorous dance about finding a "real" women);
  • Theater mode (fashion show, made the participants and participating schools Equal Opportunities);
  • Theatre of Image "Soul Volonterki" (an action that reveals the special state of mind and the height of the mission volonterki);
  • Game Theater Hollywood stars - for the rights of children "(interactive form of propaganda of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children);
  • Theatre pantomime "Instead of warm countries." (Picture of modern slavery, exposing the "networks" of human trafficking, which fall imprudent "birds" and "chicks" in search of paradise on earth);
  • Dramatic presentation of "Flowers of Life" (the tragic history of the unborn children whose lives have been torn forced abortion);
  • Theatre KVN "Think!" (KVN - for a healthy life, anti-smoking and drug use);
  • street view "second homeland" (the disclosure of the refugee problem and tolerant treatment of them);
  • Musical "Safe Sex" (propaganda of the "double protection") and the like.

Theatre presents its performances at conferences (International Conference "Prevention of Human Trafficking: Economic Challenges and Solutions, October 21, 2002, Kyiv, International conference" Ways to improve preventive educational activities to prevent trafficking in persons ", November 15 2002, c. Kyiv, Conference Co-operation of Polish and Ukrainian non-governmental organization after the EU enlargement ", 4-5 November 2003, Kiev; network ECPAT International Conference" Stop child trafficking ", February 2004, Moscow) and workshops (Ukrainian seminar for women with disabilities, 30 September 2002, Vodice Forest), Ukrainian shares ("Youth for the Future: Equal rights and equal opportunities, 2002/05", Kiev, "Race for Life - September 2002/05 ", Kiev," AIDS Day, December 2003 p., "Prevention of Trafficking in Persons", November 9, 2003, Vinnitsa, Mother's Day, May 2003/04, World Refugee Day June 20, 2004), an annual event, "Do not sell!" (Kiev, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Donetsk).

Participants in the theater appear in schools, homes, clubs, youth discos in Kiev center for working with women in the House of Teachers, at Khreshchatyk, on the streets and squares of other cities.

Important international events and mass rallies held with the participation of regional gender interactive theater in Lviv (Europe Day), Odessa (International Presentation of a film on human trafficking "Lily forever", information campaigns on HIV / AIDS), as well as in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lugansk , Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, White Church (participation in information campaigns to prevent trafficking in persons, especially children).

Ukraine, while Ukrainian and international activities involved in interactive media campaigns on the issues raised by the theater. Theater allows you to cover the educational work of several hundred to several thousand people at once.

In particular, the total number of people notify their means of theater about the problem of combating child trafficking in Ukraine, has already reached tens of thousands.

interactive theater, organized by the School of Equal Opportunities together with the Ministry of Family, Children and Youth, which gave new impetus to the formation of creative teams in the regions.

Constantly growing number of people wishing to take part in performances (not only in Kiev but also in other regions of Ukraine). Following the example of the Kiev interactive theater created in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Lugansk, Sevastopol, Odessa, Vinnitsa. Theatres are not only regional, but also in regional centers, as well as in individual schools.

 In Ivano-Frankivsk region, Equal Opportunities School with the support of democratic grants the U.S. Embassy in 2005, implemented the project "Theatre - in each school, which resulted in the creation of 15 school theater troupes. The project proved so effective and interesting, what people talked about as a renewal of the Ukrainian tradition of amateur theater. School theater, for example, Ivano-Frankivsk region, began to be created in other areas. The project has continued - is purely voluntary. And this is his greatest success.

In 2005, representatives SHRV at the invitation of the Swiss Embassy visited Bern, where we saw many thousands unforgettable event - Carnival. Special impression on us made a street interactive representation, which raises important environmental problem of pollution of cities. We've created a script and a new production of "The Theater of ecological fashion in order to submit the matter for discussion in our community.

 In 2006, the Gender Interactive Theatre performed in Moscow at a meeting of network of ECPAT - International conference on combating commercial sexual exploitation of children.

 In 2007, our theater was invited to the International Street Theatre Festival in the city of Cologne (Germany), where he successfully delivered with views on topical issues to combat trafficking in persons and refugees, illegal immigrants.

The theater also focuses on the robot with street children, children and youth with special needs, including involving them to participate directly in the submissions, on the dissemination of gender knowledge, particularly knowledge of the Rights of the Child, the Worst Forms of Child Labour, harmony between boys and girls - while a rapid survey among the spectators of theatrical activity.

Gender interactive theater helps to overcome the negative phenomena in the adolescent and youth, building leadership skills, the adoption of healthy lifestyles, development of the volunteer world as participants in the theater and the audience.

Our theater is designed in the shape, using the most current material is present, disclose the nature and prospects of gender policies, ways to approval of equal rights and opportunities towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, one of which is gender equality.