Gender Observatory

Gender Observatory of the International NGO "School of Equal Opportunities"

Gender Observatory is a complex systemic model and tool for gender equality mainstreaming, which is logically coordinated with the mission, statutory goals and objectives of the INGO "School of Equal Opportunities".

Gender Observatory is a systematic methodology that combines various strategies and practices by the INGO "School of Equal Opportunities", its’ partners and stakeholders.

Gender Observatory includes:

  • Studio for gender analysis, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Studio for training programs for young people;
  • Studio for innovative practices and technologies for effective outreach;
  • Studio for promotion of gender integration in socio-economic spheres;
  • Gender interactive theater.

Gender Observatory goal:

  • To promote the development and implementation of the strategy for human rights protection, elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence, gender equality mainstreaming in all spheres of society on the basis of gender analysis of strategic state interests and practical needs of the society.

Gender Observatory objectives:

  • To summarize tools and methodology for gender analysis, monitoring, evaluation of INGO’s projects;
  • To participate in gender analysis, monitoring and evaluation of national, regional and sectoral plans and programs;
  • To support integration of gender equality in programming and budgetary activities of central executive bodies (in particular the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, etc.);
  • To promote gender integration in local programs and budgets;
  • To develop trainings on gender mainstreaming in education for different groups of trainees;
  • To conduct comprehensive trainings and awareness-raising activities in order to form the participants’ and partner organizations’ understanding and capacities for ensuring equality for men and women;
  • To strengthen expertise of leading specialists on gender issues, including gender integration in political and socio-economic development;
  • To participate in Experts’ councils and civil society groups on gender equality issues;
  • To participate in the State Programme implementation, in recommendations of the Universal Periodic Report on Human Rights, in particular in the areas of women's rights, children's rights and promotion of gender equality;
  • To hold summer and winter schools and gender training for schools’ and colleges’ students;
  • To strengthen the advocacy for gender equality, in particular, through press conferences, round tables, interactive campaigns, involving Gender interactive theater;
  • To promote gender mainstreaming via mass media.

Gender Observatory values:

  • Respect and protection of human rights.
  • Mainstreaming of gender equality, based on gender analysis of strategic state interests and practical needs of society.
  • Consolidation and strengthening of civil society partnerships.
  • Transparency and accountability for the positive impact of Gender Observatory in strengthening democratic pattern of social development.

Challenges to Gender Observatory and mitigation of challenges and risks:

  • In the recent years, the gender equality policy in Ukraine has been challenged by certain circumstances. In 2010, the State program on gender equality was completed. On November 21, 2012 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Concept of the State Program on Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men in Ukraine (till 2016). The new program has not been accepted, so there is no funding for gender-based programs from the state. In addition, in 2010, the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports, which was responsible for the coordination of gender transformation, was abolished. Currently, the Ministry of Social Policy is assigned coordination responsibilities for gender equality policy in Ukraine. Transformations in this area continue both, at the national and regional levels.
  • Certain groups have been groundlessly confronting gender equality integration in Ukraine recently.

Mitigation of challenges and risks:

  • Commitment to achievement of Gender Observatory’s goals and objectives;
  • Pro-active position of the INGO and its’ experts in identifying risks and systemic activities to reduce anti-gender challenges from opposition groups and movements.
  • Active participation in the Strategic gender platform.

Resources for Gender Observatory:

  • Comprehensive effective experiences in the area of project implementation, in cooperation with the government, with community partners; with donors and individual experts re democracy promotion and gender equality mainstreaming;
  • Highly and skillful professional experts in gender equality issues and implementation practices;
  • National, local and international recognition of the INGO “School of Equal Opportunities”