Counteraction of CSEC

In 2004, The School of Equal Opportunities became a member of the All-Ukrainian Network of Organizations in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children, and in 2006-2007 it headed in this network.

In 2005, launched the "Let's Say" No! for Child Trafficking" project with the support of the International Organization of Migration. This pilot project launched a wide-ranging educational intervention on the fight against child trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, which included holding a series of seminars, trainings, discussions, round tables, press clubs, information campaigns, prevention of trafficking in people and gender interactive theatre performances in 10 regions of Ukraine. The SEO participates in all network events. A number of projects have been completed. School volunteers participate in the preparation of the ESPAT news bulletin. Trainers-experts of the school conduct trainings on the issues of CSEC in Ukraine and abroad. Methodical material for conducting educational and preventive work is posted on the pages of the manual "We are studying to defend ourselves: let's say" No! for Child Trafficking".