The School of Equal Opportunities

The School of Equal Opportunities is an international non-governmental organization founded on the initiative of young people and registered with the Ministry of Justice in December 2000. On December 19 we received a Certificate of Registration. This day is the birthday of our School.

What is about this School? And why all three words in its name are written with capital letters? Everything is very simple - every word has a special meaning.

In our school, all are trained and educated, that is, adults are trainer coaches, and young trainers, trainers, volunteers are both pupils and educators at the same time: they get new, the most essential today's knowledge in order to pass it on to others.

Equal Opportunities are what we have in the School, and what we are looking for in the future. It is gender equality, equal rights and opportunities for everyone and everyone, for boys and girls, for women and men, for mothers and parents, for children and people with special needs.

On the lessons which are called trainings, you will learn about the policy of equal rights and opportunities (in other words, gender policy) that we can formulate and implement with you if we want to live in a legal democratic state in a free civil society.

In our School, everyone is equal: respect each other's rights, the opinions of each and every one. At the trainings, everyone is in one circle, all follow the same rules and a single code, which, incidentally, we also developed all together.

The purpose of the School of Equal Opportunities is to participate in the creation of a new, democratic society, consisting of such personalities as we want to become - young men and girls of the third millennium.