In the framework of the campaign "16 Days Against Gender Violence", the School of Equal Opportunities initiated a Peace Day at the Specialized School № 187 in Kyiv. The administration of this school conducts a large educational and peacekeeping activity with students: the children write letters to ATO soldiers, make vaults, drawings, collect books and things, make sweets, etc.

Our young actors hone their skills, become popular and find their supporters and their audience. After a successful performance at the Millennium Gymnasium №31818, in front of the parallel of the 8th form (January 13th), they received an invitation to address the students of the 9th form. The event took place on January 20th. Each time the dialogue becomes more and more serious and dynamic.

On St. Valentine's Day, which is so fond of celebrating children and young people, the Millennium Kyiv Gymnasium № 318 hosted a social and artistic event, during which children threw a bridge between the three most valuable values of today: Peace, Creativity and Love.

"Love and know your native land" is a thematic headline of school works, using which members of the self-organized artistic HERE AND THERE speak ironically and resort to semantic Soviet patterns in an effort to fill them with new content , Transforming old concepts and abandoned objects into something new and modern.

Representatives of active communities often seek the resources and opportunities that can be accumulated on interesting, and most importantly, very necessary initiatives to the public space.