2017-07-16 15:27:00

1. Ministry of Ukraine of Family, Youth and Sports
2. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
3. Ministry of Internal Affairs
4. State social service of family, children and youth
5. State Institute of the Development of Family and Youth
6. Main Department of Family and Youth of Kyiv City State Administration
7.  Academy of the Promotion of Education (USA)
8. US Agency of International Development
9. US Embassy in Ukraine
10. Democratic Grants Program of the US Embassy
11. Embassy of Canada in Ukraine (Canadian-Ukrainian Gender Fund)
12. Embassy of Finland in Ukraine
13. The Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Ukraine
14. International Organization of Migration (IOM)
15. International Labor Organization (ILO)
16. Organization of  Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
17. International Organization of Emissions
18. UNDP Equal Opportunities Program
19. The Directorate General of Gender Equality of the Council of Europe
20. Mother Cash Foundation
21. Ukrainian-wide Foundation of Hope and Good
22. International Human Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine"
23. Ukrainian Youth Center
24. International Humanitarian Center "Rosarad"
25. Women's consortium of Ukraine
26. Kyiv Center of Women Work
27. Women's Information and Rehabilitation Center "Lyubomyr"
28. Ukrainian-wide Fund of the Development of Intellectual and Natural Resources of Ukraine
29. Ukrainian Association of Sounds
30. Trademark "Eurocredit"
31. Branch of the School of Equal Opportunities in the regions of Ukraine
32. Kyiv general schools
33. Kyiv City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth