2016-05-07 10:17:00

The most widespread preventive work assignment is treningovaya activity on a method "equal - to equal", which creates confiding relations between uchasnikami and uchasnicami training and by a trainer, and also does information more accessible and easy for mastering.

An on-line tutorial SHRV was developed jointly with Academy of assistance education (THE USA) on the basis of national experience with the use of trainer's methods of the Allukrainian association of the authorized education and communications, Association of Gaydov of Ukraine, International womanish pravozaschitnogo center "La Drudgery is Ukraine", International humanitarian center "Rozrada", Womanish consortium of Ukraine, Allukrainian center "Volunteer".

Themes of treningovykh sessions of base course:

  • "Effective leadership and communications"
  • "Gendernoe equality"
  • "Warning of trading in people"
  • "Counteraction all forms of gendernogo violence"
  • "Healthy way of life"
  • "Human rights"
  • "Development of public organizations"
  • "Alphabet of enterprise"