2016-05-07 10:17:00

In search of new forms of work participants and participant SHRV appealed to possibilities of theater of street action and in 2002 on the volunteer beginnings created the Gendernyy interactive theater (HEAT), through the theatricals of which in a vivid form we diffuse vazhnayu information socially. Using the creative capabilities of young talents, their natural aspiring to productive kreativnoy activity, young volunteers and producers-producers for short period of time did a theater favourite work assignment, program which brings over hundreds of new creative personalities to the volunteer. A theater, unlike a treningovoy method, enables to overcome information audiences of many thousands: aktualizirovat' a sharp social problem through bright theatrical appearances, in an interactive form to answer arising up for an audience questions, and also say of own position in relation to a painful problem.

Show of theatricals of predvoryaet or the specially geared-up interactive program, including the great number of improvisations and stimulant an audience to be active participants and participants of a stage action, accompanies. Information, enabling to realize young people, is given in a playing form, as far as the problem of violence or trading in people is actual for Ukraine and world on the whole.