2016-05-07 10:10:00

The mystery of the gift of life will never be revealed by man ... It begins already at the time of conception, when the child is only a small cell smaller than the point at the end of this sentence. It is in the moment of fertilization of the egg genetic information that bearers of the parents are mixed and transmitted to the child - a person's identity code is created, unique and unique. Never more hereditary signs of the parent will not be formed exactly, it will never be such a person. At this moment their sex, color of eyes, hair and skin, facial features, body structure, tendency to high or low growth, strong health or susceptibility to diseases are determined ...

The position of the School of Equal Opportunities lies in the responsible and savory attitude of lovers to each other, in the upbringing of new views on sexual relationships that should not be destroyed most sincerely, what is given only once, that may not be repeated ... Thus, early sexual relations  can cause irreparable harm to the girl's health, a psychological injury to young people, who are on the verge of happy life, to ruin the fate.