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1. Addressed to us - to respond to us. Methodical recommendations for the training course teenage instructors: Instruction / TP Aveltseva, NV wintering AA Golotsvan etc. - MI: Educational Book, 2002. - 255.

"Guidelines for the training course teenage instructors" is designed to help adolescents with trainers - leading training sessions on the Programme of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, UNDP / UNAIDS, "Promoting educational activities" equal - equal "among the youth of Ukraine healthy lifestyle.

2. Responsible fatherhood. Proceedings of a training workshop for trainers / Compiled by: VS Lozinski, IE Konchenkova, NP Burmaka, IV, Wholesale, MS Hosroshvili. - M.: 2004.

3. Own business: Training method. allowance. Starter / A. Klimko, K. Kovalko. - M.: 2001. - 108.

Step by step guide introduces employers so as to register, maintain and make successful their own business. The publication in the public economic development program for women Winrock Intrnational and integrated program of the International Charitable Fund for the Development of intellectual and natural resources of Ukraine "of home economics to public policy."

4. Own business-2.: The method. allowance. for trainers / O. Danileyko. I. Zakharchenko, K. Kovalko. - M.: Universe, 2002. - 144.: Il ..

Guide "Own Business-2" is designed for those who conduct training courses to budding entrepreneurs or start their own business and seeks to share experiences with others. He developed the coach-practitioners of the School of Equal Opportunities.

The publication of the International Programme for Economic Development of Women Winrock Intrnational and social partnership with the Ukrainian State Committee on Family and Youth Affairs.

5. Gender Interactive Theatre: Navch.-aid. / Ya dumb, L. Kolos, I. Konchenkova et al School of Equal Opportunities. - M., 2005. - 100.

A teaching guide will help you create your own theater at school, university, public organization. He is also interested in those with a gender perspective reveals the latest approaches in the educational work among the youth of today, which is actively building a new fair civil society, a society of equal opportunities.

The manual is designed for coaches, teachers, pupils and students, activists, social movements, those who develop gender education and awareness programs and distribute gender knowledge.

6. Prevention of domestic violence. Practical guide for police inspectors / Kiev. School of Equal Opportunities: Eds-status. AV Lyaskovsky. - M.: 2004, 108.

The manual is designed for law enforcement, management professionals on family and youth, social workers, representatives and representatives of NGOs involved in human rights protection, in particular the prevention of domestic violence.

Documents and guidelines in practical work to everyone who is ready to stop domestic violence and to help the victims.

7. Healthy family - healthy nation. Methodical materials training workshop for trainers / IK Sosin, A. Kocharyan, VS Lozinski, NP Burmaka, IV Wholesale, IE Konchenkova, MS Hosroshvili. - M.: 2004.

The publication contains a range of modern psycho-pedagogical methods by which available in the form of games available knowledge on prevention of alcohol dependence, are formed and skills to defend their own opinion. Classes are designed to focus on a healthy lifestyle as one of the key components of becoming a person.

Methodological materials are designed for professionals in the field of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, and a wide range of interested readers.

8. Normative and methodological basis of gender transformations, Kiev. School of Equal Opportunities: - K., 2004. - 260.

The collection includes international and domestic regulations and guidance documents on gender issues, basic to the formation of national gender policies and action plans for gender transformation.

Collection can serve as a reader, teaching and learning tool for members / participants of trainings and seminars that get gender education, as well as - a manual for public officials, scientists and educators working in the field of approval of equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

9. Manual on Gender Analysis

This tutorial is devoted to a discussion of how and why you need to conduct gender analysis when developing legislation, policies and programs in accordance with the Guidelines for gender analysis, defining a methodology to include gender in development policies step by step.

Published with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency, the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, Canadian-Ukrainian Fund of gender.

10. Promoting safe behavior among young people. Training Module Course / Compiled by: young coach and coach of the School of Equal Opportunities. - M.: Vid.grupa "The Eye", 2005.

Published under the project "No violence against children" supported by the Finnish Embassy in Ukraine.

This publication will help members and participants of training to master the necessary knowledge for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, as well as to learn the skills of safe conduct. On designated pages, you can take notes during training sessions, and then use the materials in their own peer to peer work.

Young coaches and the coach will find the necessary exercises and information that will assist them in conducting trainings.

11. Workbook School of Equal Opportunities. Handouts for participants and participating in the program "Youth - for a healthy lifestyle / Compiled by: young coach and coach of the School of Equal Opportunities. - M.: Vid.grupa "The Eye", 2005.

The workbook helps participants and participants of the training course on prevention of unwanted pregnancies, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, possess the necessary knowledge and skills of safe conduct.

Handout developed in the framework of "Youth - for a healthy lifestyle," which operates in the School of Equal Opportunities in 2000 and implemented by young people on the principle of "equal - equal."

12. Forum Theatre: A formula for overcoming the crisis: Teaching method. allowance. for those who want to create a forum-theater / L. Hook, M. Grigoriva, D. Doucette, A. Yedelev, I. Zakharchenko, etc., School of Equal Opportunities. - M., 2007, 68.

The manual is aimed at the creation of  Forum Theatre and distribution in Ukraine of a new interactive methods of social work. It helps organizations and individual initiative people in their work with victims of any form of violence or discrimination. Using Forum Theatre can warn people at risk from falling into dangerous situations, as well as provide them with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in difficult and decisive moments of life. Designed for social workers, coaches, teachers, pupils and students, activists, social movement, and all those who conduct preventive work and work with victims.

13. School of prevention, "A Safer World." Educational and informational materials / GI Fedorenko, LD Lomakova, LI Guk. - M.: 2005.

The publication contains information and training materials on violence against women, trafficking in women and children, healthy lifestyle. The publication is targeted at social workers, civil servants, teachers, psychologists, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, law enforcement agencies and the general public.

14. School of Equal Opportunities - a teaching aid / Under the general. Ed. T. Kovalko, LE Kolos, A.V.Gulevskoi-Chernish. - M., 2002. - 192.

This educational textbook contains 9 clusters, from a gender perspective reveals new approaches to education the youth of today as the real creator of Ukrainian civil society.

The manual is designed for coaches, teachers, students, activists, social movements, those who develop gender education and awareness programs and distribute gender knowledge.

15. School of Equal Opportunities. Workbook for participants and participants of training sessions / Compiled by: L. Kolos-A.Gulevska Chernish. - M., 2002, 128 pp.

Published with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).