Main results which will have been planned to be achieved by 2015:

-In order to overcome violence against women and address the public's attention to this problem, to implement the Algorithm of the interaction of structures in providing assistance to victims of violence, developed within the framework of a joint project with the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport of the project in pilot regions, in the tasks and plans of all regions of Ukraine .

-In order to deploy the women's movement in Ukraine, to initiate (on the basis of the Kyiv City Center for the Work with Women) the establishment of the Women's School and take an active part in its activities.

-In order to form the youth gender movement to resume the All-Ukrainian Summer and Winter Schools.

-To initiate the formation and take part in the work of the National Gender Expert Platform and the National Gender Council, which should result in the strengthening of the national mechanism for the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

-In order to protect children's rights, initiate and implement permanent "Learn to Protect Yourself" programs. Prepare 150 young children's rights trainers based on the Kyiv School of Equal Opportunities for further work with peer education on an equal footing and ensure regular improvement of their qualifications. .

-To solve the real problems of every person in a crisis situation, to expand the scope of the use of forum-theater methodology as a productive form of social work of non-governmental organizations and centers of social services.

-In order to reduce the manifestations of violence in the youth environment, to spread the "Youth Against Violence" movement, initiated by WSS in 2002, to all regions of Ukraine.

-The gender interactive theater is legalized as a framework that provides the most effective educational and preventive work to overcome gender stereotypes and promote gender equality.

-To strengthen the capacity of the organization and its departments in the regions to provide more stable funding.