The video was created by the School of Equal Opportunities under the same name project sponsored by the UNIFEM Foundation. It is a real story of a woman who was a victim of violence, overcame the crisis, eventually became an expert in this project, an example for hundreds of other women and a trainer of counteraction the violence. The film has been used repeatedly during the information and education campaign "Stop Violence!", The annual campaign "16 Days Against Gender Violence", as well as in the national TV show "Taboo" with well-known journalist Olga Gerasimyuk.

The film aimed at counteracting violence, created by the School of Equal Opportunities within the framework of the Ukrainian-wide Campaign "Stop the Violence!"

The video material, which reveals the most vulnerable topic, was prepared by the School of Equal Opportunities for accompanying a theatrical performance or conducting informational educational work.

The film is about involuntary displacement, one of the thousands of temporarily displaced persons, who are most seeking peace. The video was filmed by the School of Equal Opportunities for accompanying the forum-theatre.

"If the technique of forum-theatre helped me, it would help thousands of other women"

The film is devoted to the forum-theatre technique, which the School of Equal Opportunities uses in preventing and combating human trafficking, as well as overcoming other negative phenomena.

The social theatre of the School of Equal Opportunities, which has been operating in the organization since 2002, has two equal wings. This is the Gender Interactive Theatre that reveals the most pressing problems of the community, and the Forum-Theatre, which helps specific people to find the way out of a real-life crisis. The theatre is an important direction and heart of the activities of the public organization and the newly created Ukrainian-wide Anti-Discrimination Network "Gender Observatory".

Why were they forced to leave their homes? The purpose of the film is to accompany the forum-theatre.